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How To Use Previous Press To Find New Journalists

A guide to finding similar journalists and publications to reach out to

Previous Press

You just got a new client, and you need to start building a new media list for them. I was wondering if there were ways to use press they already had about them to build a new list. I started with a client name, and was able to end up with a new media list. I didn’t use any products/tools to achieve this. Mostly just found a good framework to use.

Find All Mentions Your Client Has Gotten

There’s a variety of different products you’re able to use to find all of the mentions your client has gotten online. You’re able to use Mention or Google News and many other tools. There’s a lot of ways to solve this isssue. It depends on if the mentions are on social media or are on blogs/publications.

On Google News, you can put your client name in quotations to get good results. For example, if your client was Equinox, you’d be able to search “Equinox” in the Google News box. This would give you posts that only mentioned the word “Equinox”. This is particularly helpful when your clients name is more than 1 word: search “Capital One” rather than Capital One (with the quotation marks).

This should be any kind of press. Not just press from large publications, but also from blogs, etc. I’ll also be writing about how to do the same with social influencers. For this post, I’ll keep it strictly to reporters and publications.

Categorize Them Into A Spreadsheet

Now, add all of these articles into a spreadsheet. You need to document at least the author’s name, and the publication’s name. For example, I found an article written about Equinox on Women’s Wear Daily.

So, in my Excel sheet I have 4 columns: Article Name, Author(s), Publication, URL, and Author Beat. Here’s what I added as a row in my Excel sheet.

You should either take all press (if client is small) or selected press and document them on an Excel sheet. It would be useful to get a diverse amount of reporters and press so you’re able to know all the beats they’ve been mentioned in.

Find Similar Publications

In your Excel sheet, you should now have a list of publications that your client has been mentioned in. You can use these as a way to find other publications that are similar.

Take all of the publications that have been mentioned and add them to another spreadsheet. You should have three columns in this spreadsheet.

  • Publication Name: Women’s Wear Daily
  • Publication Specialties: Fashion, Beauty, and Retail
  • Similar Publications:

This is the part where you have to do some manual work. You have to find similar publications to the one you listed. There’s no easy way to do this, but it’s a good framework to use in the future. Go through each of these publications, and find publications that are similar to them.

It’s not too difficult if you find out the specialties of the publication. WWD is a fashion-industry trade publication. By simply Googling I found these similar publications: Apparel Magazine, Stores Magazine, The Business of Fashion, Teen Vogue, and Fashionista.

The final result is:

  • Publication Name: Women’s Wear Daily
  • Publication Specialties: Fashion, Beauty, and Retail
  • Similar Publications: Apparel Magazine, Stores Magazine, The Business of Fashion, Teen Vogue, and Fashionista

Now, I can update this in my spreadsheet and keep finding similar publications until I can’t find any more.

Find Similar Journalists

Great. Now you have 2 key pieces of information: new publications, and a good understanding of the beats that write about your client.

For example, I know that the beats that write about Equinox are “Lifestyle & Parties”. This was from the press I found about them. You should have a bunch of different beats from the press you gathered.

For each of the new publications, find the reporters that write for each of those beats. Find a “Lifestyle” beat writer at Apparel Magazine, Stores Magazine, and others. You can use a Media Database to achieve this - or Google it! As you go through each of these publications & beats, you should have gathered a bunch of new reporters!

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