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How To Use Previous Press To Find New Influencers on Instagram

A guide to finding similar Instagram influencers to reach out to

Previous Press

Last week I wrote a piece on How To Use Previous Press To Find New Journalists. I thought I’d explore how to do the same for social media influencers. If your campaigns are build around social influencers, the question to ask is: how can I use influencers on my list already to find more.

I’m going to limit this to three social networks: Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Those are the ones which are incredibly popular right now. Discovering influencers on Snapchat is pretty difficult right now, so there’s a couple different methods to find them. I’ll cover them in the next two posts.

For this post I’m going to cover Instagram.

First, you have to build an initial list of Instagram influencers. These could be influencers your client has had a good relationship in the past or influencers that have written about your client.


Initially, what you want to do is to take all of the Instagram usernames from your previous media list (as mentioned above) and transfer them into another excel sheet. You’d ideally want to have four columns:

  • Instagram username
  • Instagram follower count
  • Instagram beat (for example, travel, food, etc.)
  • Similar Instagram Users

An example:

  • Instagram username: mustafaseven
  • Instagram follower count: 1.5 million
  • Instagram beat (for example, travel, food, etc.): travel
  • Similar Instagram Users:

Instagram has a really incredible feature which suggests Instagram profiles that are similar to the one you’re looking at. For example, if you have the Instagram influencer mustafaseven on your list. You’re able to go to this profile (even on the web platform) and find suggestions. Go to their mobile or web profile and click the downward facing arrow on the right of the following button. This should give you “Suggested” Instagram users. Their suggestions are always pretty amazing.

I was quickly able to just grab a couple influencers. An example of this suggested box is:

Suggestions from Instagram

I went through each of their profiles until I was able to gather 5-6 Influencers I thought were very similar. Then I can update my Excel sheet:

  • Instagram username: mustafaseven
  • Instagram follower count: 1.5 million
  • Instagram beat (for example, travel, food, etc.): travel
  • Similar Instagram users: isil_kamasak, suhaderbent, sezyilmaz

Then I keep going until I’ve gone through each Instagram influencer in my media list & found similar Instagram users. At the end, I copied all of the Similar Instagram users into an excel sheet of their own.

I’m quickly able to find their social media profiles using the links the share on Instagram. Through their social media profiles, it becomes pretty easy to get their contact information. Now, the harder part is to reach out to them and establish a relationship.

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