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How To Use Previous Press To Find New Influencers on Twitter

A guide to finding similar Twitter influencers to reach out to

Previous Press

Last week I wrote a piece on How To Use Previous Press To Find New Influencers on Instagram. I thought I would explore how to do what we did with Instagram, but with Twitter.

A lot of reporters use Twitter nowadays, so this is also pretty helpful in finding reporters that are similar. Any Twitter influencers work. You get the best results when the influencers/reporters are similar to each other. They have to be for a particular client or have some similarities. Ideally, you’d be looking to find influencers for a particular client.

Initially, we’d want to gather all the Twitter influencers or reporters that have engaged with our client in the past. Gather all your media lists for a particular client (media lists with Twitter usernames) or find press/social media mentions (by influencers) they’ve gotten before. You’ll be needing these. We’ll be using these contacts to grow the list.

Twitter Recommendations

Take all of the Twitter usernames you have gathered and transfer them into another excel sheet. You’d ideally want to have four columns:

  • Twitter username
  • Twitter follower count
  • Twitter beat (for example, travel, food, etc.)
  • Similar Twitter Users

The follower count is important in realizing what size reporters/influencers your clients have gotten in the past. You’d ideally want to aim for a similar size or a slightly larger count (at least for this technique).

Knowing their beat or specialty helps when you’re looking for Twitter lists. There’s a ton of Twitter lists that are already curated. You can use this tutorial to find Twitter lists by particular keywords.

An example:

  • Twitter username: mikeisaac
  • Twitter follower count: 70 thousand
  • Twitter beat (for example, travel, food, etc.): tech
  • Similar Twitter Users:

Using Twitter to find recommendations is a lot more difficult than it is on Instagram. It pays off to follow these steps. Initially, it’s painful to setup this system, but it’ll keep giving you recommendations in the future if you use it.

Setup a new Twitter account that follows no one. Then, they begin following influencers that area in your media list (here you need 50-100 initial contacts to get started). Go down the list of influencers you have, and follow each one through the new Twitter account you have setup.

Once you have a lot of accounts you’re following, you’ll be able to use the “Who to follow” feature on Twitter. It’s actually an incredible recommendation system. In order to get proper recommendations you have to have similar contacts you follow, or it doesn’t perform as well. It looks like:

Suggestions from Twitter

You can use the “View all” link to get a whole page of recommendations. You can write down the influencers you think are relevant to your client into another Excel sheet. The more people you follow, the more fine-tuned the Twitter algorithm will get.

After finding influencers, it’s not too difficult to find their emails (if you’d like to contact them). We built a site called Whose Email to help fix that. The harder part is to come up with a pitch.

Twitter Lists

You can use the beats or keywords you collected for Twitter influencers in your list. Twitter has lists that are curated by other users on their platform. You’re able to use these keywords, such as “tech reporter” or “tech”, to find these lists. You can use the Twitter platform to do this. You can search the keyword “tech reporter” on Twitter (or even Google) and filter by lists. I found a pretty great one by Robert Scoble on “Tech News People”.

Twitter Lists

Then you’re able to go into the “Members” of the list & find a curated selection of reporters/influencers in that area!

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