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Ultimate list of PR tools to use in 2017

PR tools you should be using this year to supercharge your PR activity

Ultimate PR tools

We handpicked the best public relations tools for your agency or for you to use in 2017. We looked at a lot of different solutions and evaluated how useful they were in the ever changing PR landscape.

Social media sharing & monitoring

  1. Buffer: our favorite social media sharing tool is Buffer. It allows you to schedule content across multiple social channels. You can gather content for your clients and start building their social media channels through consistent scheduling. Or you can have particular times where you share press releases for them.

  2. Mention: if you’re looking to monitor social media for keywords about your clients - mention is the product to use! It allows you to keep track of different keywords or client names.

  3. Twilert: alerts you when your client is mentioned on Twitter. Great way to engage in conversations and with people reacting to press.

  4. Tame: Similar to Twilert, but rather than alerting it provides you with a dashboard on demographics.

Collaboration tools

  1. Slack: a chat client for teams. It helps your team organize your chat, meetings, and much more into one place. We use it on a daily basis - would recommend! It has a lot of great integrations to a lot of different tools.

  2. Basecamp: a project management tool for teams. It helps you have long form discussions, create a timeline for each project, and much more. It becomes useful when organizing your project & centralizing everything to one place.

Finding contact details

  1. Anymail Finder: you can use this tool to find an email of any person. They validate each email, so they can confirm that a bounce back won’t happen! If you only have a name and a company domain - this is the tool to use.

  2. Hunter: this tool allows you to just put in a company domain and retrieve emails they have on that company. If you are just looking for people at a specific company or a publication - this is the way to go!

  3. Spokeo: this tool allows you to put in a name and get out details about them. If you’re looking for someone specific, but can’t find where they work or where they are - you could use this tool.

Media list management

  1. NewsAI: an email distribution and media list management tool. You can personalize, schedule and track your emails, and pull in what reporters are writing on social media. It helps improve pitch success.

Media database

  1. Hey.Press: an affordable way to find emails of journalists. You can put in keywords that you are interested in and search through all journalists writing about those things.

  2. WooPitch: similar to, but seems like it has a higher number of profiles. It also gets pricier than

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