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How To Build Your Own Media List using Twitter Lists

Use Existing Twitter Lists to Build Your Own Media List

Media Lists

Media databases are an expensive solution to finding contacts. Sometimes you don’t have the budget for them, and need to build your own media lists. Twitter is a good resource to find journalists/influencers with. Journalists are the highest group of verified users on Twitter. Some statistics show that 59% of journalists use Twitter. This makes Twitter a great resource to build your lists. Also, Twitter is a great platform to find social media influencers. A lot of Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat influencers also use Twitter, and Twitter has a lot of micro-communities.

Here are a couple ways to use Twitter to find these journalists:

Use Twitter Lists

A lot of publications use Twitter Lists to curate lists of journalists who write for them. Not all publications do it, but there are a significant number of lists that exist for you to use. Here are a couple to help you get started:

These help illustrate that there are an abundance of lists that exist of Twitter for you to use. You can use them by:

  1. Go through the members of the lists
  2. Find which ones would be interesting for your campaign
  3. Find their email address (lots of tools to do that)
  4. Add them to your media list either on Excel or our platform

The process is pretty similar to however you would using a media database. There’s lists created by Twitter users as well. If you were looking for influencers in the tech space:

And many more! They useful because they are large collections of Twitter users – curated in one place!

There’s also websites that are created to curate Twitter lists. For example, this is one for tech: Top Lists.

Use Twitter Following of Reporters in Vertical

Journalists follow people within their own vertical. They follow them to find out when their fellow journalists are publishing articles or to interact with them. They use Twitter to stay up to date with their industry news as well. If you find a particular reporter or influencer, you can find others in their area by checking their Twitter following.

For example, there’s a reporter at Refinery29 called Amelia Edelman. She writes about health, travel, women, and many other topics. If she was in my media list as a reporter I was going to reach out to, I would go to her Twitter page and click “Following”.

I would look through who she is following and narrow down the ones that are reporters. Then, I could start expanding my list by looking through their Following as well. By doing this I found:

And I was able to find a lot more reporters as well. We’ll send out these tips by email. So sign up to our email list!

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