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The Best Ways To Improve Your PR pitches by Learning from Data! (Part 1 of 3)

How to improve the pitches you are sending reporters using data

Social Analytics

The #RaganChat on the 24th of January was insightful. in understanding how PR professionals are currently measuring successes of their coverage. The topic of the chat was “PR measurement”. The beginning of the chat concentrated on the vanity & incorrect metrics that PR agencies are using.

The metrics to track are sales, clicks, and conversion rates. Rather than impressions, and advertising value equivalent (AVE). These give companies and PR agencies more data to draw insights from. Using these insights, PR professionals can improve upon their campaigns. Also, be able to show their clients the “value of PR”. Measurement is becoming necessary to learn form within your company, and provide to your external clients. You can also use it to show you well you’re doing at a company as an employee.

The PR industry as a whole is becoming more data-driven. A lot more PR professionals than before are using data to their advantage. They’re working with their clients to get back metrics of how it affected their sales, and understanding value they have created. Also, through data they can switch their strategies early on if their campaigns aren’t working as expected.

Having a large impression count isn’t as valuable anymore. Articles and advertisements are being shared across a lot of social networks. The impression counts could be high, but to your client the direct sales is more valuable. They shows them value gained by a direct increase in their business.

Starting to track pitch success

The simplest area of your PR workflow you can begin measuring is the success of pitches you send to reporters. You can track how many reporters are opening your email, interacting with your content, and replying to them. You can know whether they opening up your content or even looking at it for each of your campaigns.

There are tools to help you measure these metrics. You can use these tools to send all your emails, and get feedback from them. Reporters are getting a high volume of emails a day. These techniques will help you test your email subject line, email body, and much more. You can use this data to answer some questions:

  1. How many reporters opened my pitch?
  2. How many reporters viewed content I attached?
  3. How many reporters replied to my pitch?
  4. Which reporters were interested in my pitch email (how many opened & clicked on your links)?
  5. Which reporters replied to my pitch?

Each of these questions will help you narrow down problems in your pitch emails. If a low number of reporters open your pitch, your subject line is possibly the problem. If a low number of reporters viewed your content, your email body is possibly the problem. Each of these questions will help you improve your pitch. I’ll be going through these in detail in the next post. Sales people have been using data to improve their pitches for the last couple years.

Also, the data will help you target and contact reporters who are giving you positive feedback. Identifying what kinds of outlets and journalists are responding to a particular pitch is useful.

Over time, you’ll be able to collect a large amount of data on different reporters/publications. This data is valuable since it helps you understand what kinds of press and topics each journalist and publication is interested in. It’ll help narrow down the types of publications and beats you should contact to maximize your success.

I’ll be posting a thorough tutorial on how to go about doing this soon & going through all the steps. Sign up below to get the post.

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