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Why Social CRMs Are Necessary For PR Agencies & Professionals

As eyeballs shift towards social media influencers, it becomes increasingly important to consider them as a part of your outreach strategy.


As eyeballs shift towards social media influencers or niche bloggers, it becomes increasingly more important to consider them as a part of your outreach strategy. Influencers garner a community of followers around a specific interest, and become thought leaders in that area to those groups of people. These groups of people interact with these influencers on a day-to-day or weekly level by consuming their content, and consume that content because they share that similar interest.

It’s extremely beneficial to reach out to and work with influencers or niche bloggers as they may represent the communities you’re looking to target for your clients. A tweet or post from them helps build the reputation for your client in that community, and is increasingly more effective than getting a post in a large, but non-targeted publication.

When you’re tracking social media influencers for a client - a problem that occurs is that there’s just too much content to consume. There’s a lot of social media influencers in particular areas, and they’re constantly pushing out content. If you’re covering multiple areas, it’s nearly impossible to be able to interact with all that content manually.

Staying up to date with the influencers you’re tracking is important. You need to stay up to date with what kind of content they’re writing so when you pitch them or communicate with them you understand their brand well. In order to build a relationship with an influencer or successfully pitch them you’ll need topics or pitches would be interesting to them. Knowing their content well is necessary.

Sabrina Lynch of Zeno Group said “traditional advertising took a back seat to real-time conversations taking place in the digital universe among ‘ordinary’ members of the public”, which represents a lot of what we believe is happening in PR.

So then how do you go about keeping up with influencers without spending all your time tracking them? That’s where social CRMs are most useful. They’re similar to traditional CRMs, which are customer relationship management tools, but with social integrations to them. They allow you to add contacts, email them, but with the added benefit of integrating social media services.

For example, if you’re a fashion PR professional and you’re tracking a lot of different Instagram influencers then a social CRM could help you centralize their posts, and help you understand their engagement. You can get it to do the work for you - you shouldn’t have to keep track of engagement in your excel sheets.

Here are some reasons why social CRMs might be necessary for you as a PR freelancer or as an agency:

Centralize social feeds for each influencer

Having posts by each influencer, who is posting across different platforms, in one feed is immensely beneficial since it gives you a holistic view of what they’re posting on different channels. Plus the added benefit of not having 5 tabs open per influencer.

Create lists of influencers on one platform

Creating lists on Twitter and then having a list on excel takes a lot of maintaining as your data is spread out across multiple platforms.

A social CRM allows you to pull in data for your entire list and allows you to see it in a single feed. Why have your influencer information live on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks, when it can be on just one? Make it easy on yourself!


If you have the influencers sitting in an excel sheet then you’re responsible for looking them up everyday and keeping up to date on them. If you use a social CRM you can get alerts on when they publish new content or when they publish something that would be interesting to you.


Since social CRMs are pulling in data from these platforms they can help you understand influencer engagement better. You’ll be able to reach influencers who are getting high engagement counts to help get the most value for your clients.

Filter down and reuse!

If you’re working with a client to develop new strategies - you usually have to come up with influencers that you could reach out to. A CRM allows you to easily search and filter through old contacts you had in previous media lists, and create new lists!

Get email analytics

If you’ve been using excel & mail merge - you probably haven’t been taking advantage of monitoring open and click rates in your emails. Open and click rates help you narrow down what kinds of influencers are interested in your content & people you should continue to reach out to.

Let technology do the work for you! You should sit back and work on developing strategies and pitching influencers. You shouldn’t have to spend time tracking people anymore.

We’re a social CRM & would love to talk to you. We’re looking to help PR professionals improve upon their influencer marketing or media list management process. Please reach out to us – we’d be happy to talk further.

This post was written by . Abhi graduated from New York University with a degree in Creation of Artificial Intelligence. He is the co-founder of NewsAI.

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