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How to: Get daily emails

A guide on how you are able to get daily emails from our platform.

Here’s a GIF on how to get daily emails from our platform! Daily emails are just emails we send you everyday with updates to what your social media influencers have been posting in the last day. We pick the best posts from each of your lists. We update you on posts from Instagram, Twitter, or their blogs.

Daily emails are enabled by default. However, if you’re not getting them & want to enable them go to the “Settings” page in the menu bar on the left (shown below)

Next, toggle the “Subscribe to Emails” setting. If it’s toggled to the right it means you’re subscribed, and on the left means not.

This is a sample of the daily emails you’ll get getting.

Sign up for our trial! It includes daily emails for 7 days. You’ll be able to get posts from your influencers in your inbox. We use sophisticated algorithms to narrow posts down for you - so you can enjoy & be up-to-date with the best posts without having to do any work. Schedule a demo today!

This post was written by . Abhi graduated from New York University with a degree in Creation of Artificial Intelligence. He is the co-founder of NewsAI.

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