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How to: Use a contact profile more effectively

A guide on how you can use a contact profile more efficiently and effectively on our platform.

A Contact Profile is generated for every row in your List. There are a couple key features you should know to make sure you are using the profile to the most extent you could be.

Social media accounts you add to the contact generate timeseries graphs

When you add a Twitter/Instagram, Tabulae starts pulling in data. If you click on the line chart icon next to the social handle, you can see a timeseries graph of the contact.

Custom Fields

If the list a contact belongs to has custom columns (e.g. beat, contacted, etc), then you can edit that field on the left.

RSS feeds

You can follow RSS feeds and edit it in settings. Protip: WordPress sites and Tumblr generates RSS feeds if you simply add /feed or /rss at the end of the domain.

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