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How to: Upload a media list

A guide on how you are able to upload an excel sheet onto our platform.

Here’s a GIF on how to upload a media list to our platform! We made it very easy to upload a list & add custom fields. We also have a full tutorial below!

If you have your own excel sheets, we make it easy for you to seamlessly upload them onto our platform. First, click the “Upload from Existing” icon on the top right (shown below).

This will pop up a panel where you’re able to give your media list a name (in this case “Sample sheet”) and drop your excel sheet into the panel.

After the media list has been uploaded, you’ll be brought to this page. Here you’ll be able to assign each of the columns. The left column outlines the headers you had in your excel sheet, and the middle row highlights a sample contact from your excel sheet.

In the right column you’ll be able to click and assign each column in your excel sheet to a column in our platform. For example, for the “firstname” column in the excel sheet we uploaded, we can map it to the “First Name” column in the NewsAI platform.

Here’s a more filled out version of the platform after I went and mapped the columns from my excel sheet to the ones in our platform.

Now, you must be curious since you have custom columns such as size that we don’t have in our system. To add custom columns you can click the button on the top right - “Add Custom Properties”.

When you click it a panel will show up. In this panel put the name of the custom property you want to add and click “OK”.

Now, you’ll be able to add “Size” in the same way we added “First Name” earlier.

After uploading the sheet, you should be able to see the upload as follows:

You should now be able to easily add more information into your sheets. If you add someone’s Instagram or Twitter username - we’ll pull in their latest posts & images for you!

This post was written by . Abhi graduated from New York University with a degree in Creation of Artificial Intelligence. He is the co-founder of NewsAI.

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