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How to: Search through all your media lists

A guide on how you are able to search across all your media lists on our platform.

On our platform, you can easily search across all your media lists. We made it really easy for you to be able to search by name, publication, and many other attributes.

First, open up the menu bar by clicking the icon on the top left. Then click on the “Search” tab.

Here you’ll be able to put your search term into the input box. For example, if I was to search the name “John” I will get 3 different results. The top two results are from my “South Carolina architects list” and the last one is from my “New York architects” list.

Then I can either click on the person icon to go to their profile or the list icon to go to that media list.

Using our platform you won’t have to click into all the different excel sheets you have and search them individually, you’ll be able to search across all of them with a single query!

This post was written by . Abhi graduated from New York University with a degree in Creation of Artificial Intelligence. He is the co-founder of NewsAI.

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