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How to: Manage columns in your media lists!

A guide on how you can manage columns in your media lists on our platform.

On our platform, you can add different columns to a list. A list comes with default fields like Email, First Name, Last Name, etc. But, you can also easily add your own columns. By clicking the column icon (shown above) you will see a panel that will allow you to customize your sheet (shown below).

Some columns have special features, some don’t. There are some special columns that you can activate to collect metrics in a tabular view that can be used in Trendline (such as the Instagram Followers column, which outlines the number of Instagram followers a person has on that day).

As you can see in the image above, we have certain column types. Here are the different column types available:

  • Table Only - Cannot be altered. Some are auto-generated on condition of the existence of other fields. E.g. likes-to-comments ratio column is activated when both Instagram Likes and Instagram Comments columns are activated.
  • Custom - You can create and delete these in “Show/Hide Columns”.
  • Editable - Default columns List comes with that you can hide.
  • Read Only - Special metrics columns that you can activate e.g. Daily Instagram Likes.
  • Internal - Columns used internally by the application. You can just ignore these.

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