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How to: Create email templates

A guide on how you are able to create an email contact on our platform.

On our platform, you can add email templates that you are able to use whenever you are sending emails. To get started go to a contact page, and click the email icon. Here, in the editor type out your template. You can use the “Insert Content” to use columns from your media list. Here we are the “{First Name}” variable. Whenever you send an email to a contact, the contact’s first name will replace “{First Name}”.

After you’re happy with your template, click the settings button (looks like a gear) on the left of the “Preview” button, and click “Save Text as New Template”.

This will open up a pop-up. Here you can name the template - I will name it “Hello Email”. Click “OK”.

The template has been added! Now you’re able to use the template by clicking the “[Select from Templates]” option bar on the bottom. Whenever you click “Hello Email” it will populate the body with that email template.

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