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How to: Add RSS feeds to a contact profile

A guide on how you are able to add RSS feeds to your contacts on our platform.

On our platform, you can add RSS feeds to individual contacts. Start by going into a particular media list, and clicking the profile icon of one of the contacts (shown below):

Next, the contact I got the profile of (Chiara Ferragni) has a blog called The Blonde Salad. The URL of the blog is An easy way to see if she has any feeds is to add a /feeds after the url: If you navigate to that URL you’ll see it’s a feed!

Now that we have the feed URL, we can add it to the contact. On the contact page click the “Settings” button, paste the URL into the textbox, and click “Add”.

If you click the RSS tab, you should be able to see posts that she recently has written!

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