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Personal Tech Tip: How to Make Most Sites into a Followable Feed

Quick tips on how to turn your favorite site into a feed you can follow

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As an avid reader of blogs, I am a big fan of RSS reader. While it may seem like RSS is going out of fashion in the world of social media. I prefer the RSS way of cutting down on the noise that can be ever-present on social media when I just want the updates on the sites that I am interested in.

If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful technology from the good ol’ days before social, I encourage you to give it a try. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It functions like a newsfeed for sites that you “subscribe” to. If a site has a feed (which most blogs and publications do), you can subscribe to it and every new post will show up in a RSS reader. Subscription is as easy as putting a site’s RSS link into your RSS reader.

While some sites will kindly tell you that their feeds are behind a button that looks a bit like this:

Or under a link with a name like: XML feed, ATOM feed, Feedburner, or RSS feed.

If you click on the link, something like this mumble jumble might show up:

Most sites are not that considerate to RSS users like us.

Can’t find the RSS link? Try putting /feed or /rss at the end. Did you know that all sites powered by WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium, by default, have RSS feeds?


WordPress is the CMS (content management system) of choice for the smallest hobby blogs to the largest news sites. It is customizable with all kinds of themes and plugins and it is open and free for developers to use. WordPress powers 27% of all sites on the web. If you have a blog that you like, chances are, it is powered by WordPress. And, the best thing about WP is that it comes by default with a RSS feed. Just add /feed or /rss at the end of the website url to the feed. For example, for Vogue, would have a RSS feed at

Just try this tip out on a couple favorite sites of yours. 8 times out of 10, a feed will show up. You’d be surprised by how many of your favorite sites are powered by WordPress.


Tumblr is a social, blogging network that is popular amongst young people and the artsy type. It is heavy on the images and fosters a strong community. Based on numbers from Statista, as of Oct 2016, there are 320 millions Tumblr blogs in existence. For Tumblr, similar to WP, add /rss at the end of the website url to get the RSS feed. For example, would have a RSS feed at


Medium is another publishing platform that is up-and-coming nowadays. Coming out of Silicon Valley, it is the darling for the tech types and small, indie publications. All sorts of Tech influencers have medium blogs. For Medium, simply add /feed right before the username or publication name to get the RSS feed. For example, would have the feed at

If you are an ardent fan of RSS, do give this tip a try!


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