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The Best Time To Pitch a Journalist

What does data say is the best time to pitch reporters?


I was intrigued in researching what the best time to pitch reporters was. I decided to take a look at emails I’ve sent, and other posts by PR professionals and companies in the past. I found rougly 15 different studies/blog posts that explored the best time and day to send an email.

I’ve taken different hypothesis from these posts in understanding what the best time is. I’ll try lay out the ones I thought were interesting. The advise in these posts will probably differ if you have a strong relationship with a reporter.

I’m going to start with the best time to send an email to anyone. Then, I’ll slowly get more specific.

Best time to generally send an email

CoSchedule did a study on what the best time to send an email generally was. They concluded that the best day to send an email (by far) was Tuesday.

Best Day To Send Email Chart

The best time to send emails was 10 a.m.

Best Time To Send Email Chart

But, this advise is by looking through data from a lot of different verticals. It’s generic. In order to fully understand the best time, we’ve to look at data from the journalism industry. We’ve to test and see what times work the best.

Journalist Planning Meetings

According to Axia PR, “many media outlets have planning meetings between 8:30-9:30 a.m. and again between 2:30-3:30 p.m.” [1]. This is probably going to be specific to your industry, but it is something you should keep in mind. If you know when they pitch to their editors, you will be able to predict when they’re probably looking for stories.

Rush Hour Pitch Deletion

AdvisoryHQ in their post wrote: “we assumed it was best to send the pitch before 7am” [4], but later realized that “reporters are in the habit of checking their emails when they wake up or on their way to work” [4]. In the morning when they wake up, “most reporters just hit delete, delete, delete on pitch emails that hit their inbox” [4].

Therefore, sending emails after the workday is over or before is not ideal. It seems like people spend less time per email in the morning, since they’re reading them on their phones.

But, Alexis in her PR Daily article writes, “nearly every reporter I contacted said they are more likely to respond to pitches when they are sent bright and early” [5], and “if you wait until afternoon, our newspaper is already filled” [5].

So we can conclude that before afternoon is the best time. But, after the 7/8am mark.

From all of the stories, it seems that the best time depends on the industry. Knowing when each editorial meetings are, how they structure their days, and when they are posting content is important.

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