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13 Insightful PR Blogs That You Should Be Reading

A selection of PR blogs with incredible content

Insightful PR

I never had formal PR training. I recently started using blogs to learn and get educated in PR. Content online has been immensely helpful in learning more about the industry & field. I found a lot of valuable blogs that helped me understand different aspects of PR. These are some of my favorite blogs.

Some of these blogs are great archives. They don’t produce as much stuff anymore, but they have a lot of old blog posts that are worth reading. I’ll try and put the ones I found were more niche at the top, and slowly go down to the more popular ones.

1. PR New Pros

This blog has a lot of great content for people who are starting out in PR. PR pros share their experiences, and give great overviews of what the job and the industry entails. They also host weekly Twitter chats, which are amazing - #npprsa. They have great blog posts like:

2. Digital PR - Higher Ed Marketing Journal

This blog focuses on a lot of different aspects of the PR day to day. It mainly focuses on the digital aspects of PR, and explores new ways to do things as PR adapts digital tools. They have some great blog posts like:

3. Axia PR

This blog posts from the perspective of a PR agency (they are an agency). They focus on a lot of content that is read by entrepreneurs who are looking to hire a PR agency. It’s a great perspective on the more business aspects of PR. They have some great blog posts like:

4. Morgan McLintic on Communications

Great blog on a host of different topics and ideas that relate back to PR. From blog posts like Five more lessons from starting a PR agency to HARO under fire for unverified sources. Morgan shares a lot of different content on the site that’s really worth reading!

5. Bad Pitch Blog

This blog puts on a lot of commentary on pitches. It analyzes them, and gives suggestions on how to improve them. It’s a great resource to be able to learn more about PR pitches, and how to take your initial pitches and perfect them.

6. PR In Your Pajamas

Elena, in this blog, helps educate entrepreneurs, non-profits, and many other groups the benefits and how-tos of the PR world. As someone who doesn’t have a formal background in PR, I found this to be incredibly valuable. Her essays date back a lot, so there’s always something interesting you could read in there.

7. Social Pro Daily

This blog goes more into social media than PR. But, it’s still incredibly insightful as social media management, and engaging with social influencers gets more integrated with PR. It’s a great resource to learn from.

8. Flatiron Communications

The author of this blog writes a lot of long form content that is very interesting to read. It’s written by Peter Himler - who runs Flatiron Communications. Peter goes into a lot of detail about the ideas presented, and it makes for a great read. Peter has some great blog posts like:

9. Sheridan PR Blog

This blog is written by “Corporate Communications post-grad students”. It’s a different perspective as they bring in knowledge that they have as students - more theoretical. It’s more approachable since they explore the material in depth, and cover a range of topics. Additionally, they also write about current issues & topics. They have some great blog posts like:

10. Public Relations Tag on Medium

This is kind of cheating. It’s not a blog. But, there’s just so many articles from so many different people here. It’s not totally curated, but Medium usually has high quality content. There’s a niche group of PR professionals who write to medium. There’s a lot of new content on there everyday - worth checking out!

11. Public Relations Defined

This site was created “to modernize the definition of public relations”. It’s not maintained anymore, but it has some incredible and thoughtful content on it. It was written by a lot of different people at the PRSA, and it’s a great resource to learn about how they approached the definition of PR. They share a lot of links to a lot of other interesting material as well.

12. Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks always has incredible content. It always has content that’s forward looking & explores many different topics that are in the future of PR. The recently did an interview on how AI will integrate with PR - a topic I’m very excited by! It’s a great blog to stay up to date with what’s new in PR, the latest measurement techniques people are trying, and much more.

13. PR Daily

PR Daily is a staple of the PR world. Most PR professionals read PR Daily and interact with it on a day to day basis. They have an incredible amount of content that is posted on their site everyday. Their Twitter is also incredibly active. Every week they run different Twitter chats, such as #RaganChat, which I always enjoy learning from.

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