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4 Ways Of Using Snapchat For Your PR Efforts

How you should be using Snapchat for your PR efforts? How should I find Snapchat influencers?

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Snapchat is one of the best platforms to do PR on. Not many PR agencies have started using Snapchat yet, since it’s pretty difficult to work with. There’s not many tools or platforms that are built for PR agencies to interact with Snapchat influencers.

Brands target younger generations since in the future “they will later become customers with spending power” (Institute for PR). Snapchat is “perceived as more transparent and authentic, it allows brands to be more real with their audiences” (Institute for PR).

Snapchat is particularly useful when your client is consumer facing. It’s difficult to use Snapchat for enterprise, government, finance, and other non-consumer facing industries.

How should I use Snapchat?

1. Influencer Partnerships

There are two big ways that PR agencies have started or are starting to use Snapchat influencers. They either get influencers to take over their client’s Snapchat accounts or promote them on their own Snapchat account. These two techniques probably work when your brand is well known or you have physical goods to distribute to them. Something that would work well on video.

  • Takeovers

For a day or less, an influencer would takeover your client’s Snapchat account. You can share on social media networks that this influencer is taking over your client’s account for one day. It’ll help boost their Snapchat followers, but also could help in sharing the value’s and different aspects of your client’s business.

You’d have to work with them to outline what they’d be sharing during this takeover, and benefits that it would bring them as well. For example, in the tech industry sometimes startups take over accounts of influencers to promote their company. The influencers, in return, run a contest to ask the crowd what the best startup was. It creates an interaction between the influencer, and their audience. You could do something similar for your client.

  • Promotions on their own Snapchat account

You can also get influencers to promote your client’s brand on their own Snapchat account. The advantage of this is that you can send them physical goods that their fans will be able to see in the Snapchat influencer’s story.

  • What are some products to find influencers on Snapchat?

Look at what industries have powerful influencers on Snapchat. Fashion/beauty and tech industry have a lot of influencers. There currently aren’t very many products to find influencers on Snapchat. The best bet is to use Google, and search your industry with “snapchat influencers” in the same search query. For example, “fashion snapchat influencers”. There isn’t a great way yet.

2. Teasers

If your client is releasing a product, Snapchat could be a good way of sharing some teasers of what’s coming. Either videos of footage of the product, or videos showing how the product was created. They’re both very interesting, and I would personally tune in and follow how the development of a product I’m interested in buying is like. I’ve followed software engineers at gaming companies who share little snapshots of games, and these always get me more excited.

3. Contests & Deals

You can get creative with the contests you run - since you’re involving video. You can hand over the account to contestants and allow them to share their stories infront of all your followers. These bring in new perspectives, but they also share these stories with their friends. Definitely very beneficial for your brand!

4. Daily lives

Daily Snapchat Story

You could shoot daily lives of some of employees or people who interact with your client’s products. Build up a community of consumers who use the product your client offers, and let them see how it’s made. Or what kinds of solutions the company is building. Gets them excited and involved in the process, and allows them to humanize the client. Lots of interesting options here! Snapchat is a great daily platform, since a lot of people check stories on a day-to-day basis.

Problems with Snapchat


The biggest problem is that Snapchat gives limited insights, measurements & targeting techniques. You’re not able to get back a lot of data on who’s watching your videos, and the breakdown of your audience. Most of these tools are only for people who pay Snapchat for advertising. Their solutions for influencers and everyday businesses are limited.

Content gets lost

You also have to consistently share. People don’t have old content to look at. Snapchat doesn’t have a recorded history of what’s happened or what you have shared in the past. When a new user follows you on Snapchat, they expect to see content. You have to consistently share on a day-to-day basis.

An upside of this is that not many people I know delete people they follow on Snapchat. They keep them. They do remove them when they don’t like their content, but users don’t usually purge who they are following.

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