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Personalize your pitches

Save time and improve pitch success by using email templates to send your pitches.

Create and reuse highly customizable templates. Think Mail Merges but simpler.

How to use email templates to send your emails.

Schedule your pitches

Schedule email delivery at your convenience. Send emails at the right time, not when you write them.

How to schedule your emails.

Track your pitches

Monitor pitch success by knowing when targets are opening your emails or clicking on your links.

How to get metrics on emails you send.

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Social sync

Know what your all your contacts are posting on social media and in their blog posts, on a single platform, so you can stay up to date with their work.

Pull in social data from your media lists.

Daily email

Start the day with the top blog posts and social media updates, your contacts posted in the last day, right in your inbox.

You get an email in your inbox every morning.

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Hook up social information to your contacts and know when their profiles are updated.

Search and Filter

Search and filter across one or all your lists.

Pull in stories

Get an influencer’s latest story. We'll pull in their latest story for you.

Email and Metrics

Easily send emails, create template, and check analytics like bounce backs, open-rates, etc.


Your lists are 100% secure on our platform. We promise to never lose your media lists!


One place to keep your many lists and easily find them.

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